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“There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…”

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HUM Line- for the Elders by the Elders.

HUM-Line: A dedicated helpline for the elders of India. Are you over 55? Do questions like how do I connect with my grand-children on Instagram or what exercises should I do to keep my blood-pressure under-control cross your mind? Have you ever thought of your financial goals? Do you just

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Healthy Ageing

To Live a Healthy Lifestyle as a Senior Citizen

As you grow older in age, your responsibilities towards the world slowly start diminishing. The post-retirement age becomes one that unfolds with it, a wonderful chapter where you can finally explore all your interests that got buried somewhere in the toil. You finally have the time and freedom to do

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वृद्धापकाळ सुकर करण्यासाठी लक्षात ठेवा…….

मृत्यू येत नाही तोवर आपल्या मुला-बाळांसोबत एकाच छताखाली राहण्याची संस्कृती फक्त भारतातच मोठ्या प्रमाणावर जोपासली जाते. इतर अनेक देशात मुल मोठं झालं की आपल्या आई-वडिलांपासून लांब राहू लागतं. मात्र, आई-वडीलांपासून लांब राहणारी ही मुलं गरज पडेल तेव्हा त्यांच्या मदतीलाही धावून जातात. भारतातही आता एकीकडे अशा प्रकारच्या विभक्त कुटुंब पद्धतीला प्राधान्य

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Manohar Deshpande

Vibha Corporation

During my 40 years of work-life, I have worked in the complete spectrum of organisations ranging from the Government undertaking, Private sector company, International Company as well as a Small scale industry. I have a wide knowledge of company operations, HR, Finance etc in addition to being a specialist in MV Switchgear.
I am now running my own company ‘Vibha Corporation’ at Nasik, India manufacturing MV Switchgear.
My goals are;
1]Making this venture a medium scale industry in 5 years
2] Generate own resources to finance further growth in 5 years time.

1]Product Design
-MV Switchgear
-Sheet metal parts

2]Consultancy for establishing new ventures in Switchgear